Sep 21, 2018

To manage the procurement of all commodities – coffee, tea, cocoa. To ensure timelines are effectively followed to meet the purchase requirements of the business. To efficiently manage stocks in terms of volume and cost and manage the risk associated with current market conditions to ensure the security of supply. To maintain and improve quality, developing our brand, and strengthening the link between KAI Coffee and our partner. We are looking for a suitable partner for the position: PROCUREMENT MANAGER.




  • •  Oversee the procurement of coffee, tea, and cocoa
    •  Assess pre-harvest position through visits and updates with partners
    •  Prepare purchase and allocation plans for each season based on sales forecast, to ensure supply security
    •  Allocate contracts against requirements by product, quality, blend, by month, by our partner, resolving any issues that arise
    •  Be commercially minded when negotiating quality differentials and price in order to obtain the best deal for KAI Coffee and our partner
    •  Manage KAI Coffee price risk strategy using the futures markets
    •   Proactively manage raw materials to ensure efficient stock levels at any time depending on the latest supply and demand


Partnership with Our Partners


  • •  Lead and organize pre-season coffee calibrations and business updates for all our partner groups prior to season’s harvest
    •   Demonstrate an understanding of the challenges our partner face, gather systematic our partner feedback, and represent their interests
    •  Meet our partners regularly in countries of origin and ensure high-quality information flows between our partner organizations and KAI Coffee
    •  Constantly assess harvests, demand in origin from other markets, and local knowledge, including significant environmental, political and economic factors which may impact the planning process
    •   Ensure that pre-finance is available to our partners working alongside KAI Coffee Finance Department
    •  Share consumer insights and market knowledge with our partners
    •   Help increase consumer awareness of the conditions of our partner through capturing stories which will help market our point of difference and expand the market for our partners


New Product Development


  • •  Work closely with our partners, Marketing and Sales, on the development of New Products
    •  In conjunction with Brand Team lead product development by providing expert input on green coffee sourcing, cost, blend development, roast profiling and manufacturing process
    •   Responsible for delivering the highest possible quality of product execution to our customers and consumers
    •  Source new our partners where required working with CPF, consider development and finance needs and advise on the allocation and oversight of our partner support expenditures




  • •  Ensure all raw materials purchased are within the agreed specifications
    •  Provide Quality Control management services for pre- and post-shipment sampling to ensure consistency of raw material quality to meet KAI Coffee standards
    •  Monitor production samples submitted by processors against standards, report back on issues and monitor responses
    •  Manage blend requirements and adjust blends throughout the seasons
    •   Issue blend changes to processors and reports blend changes to Supply Chain
    •  Constantly benchmark KAI Coffee products against competitors and, using coffee trend insights, proactively make recommendations to ensure KAI Coffee remains relevant to consumers
    •   Assist in the development of quality enhancement programs for our partners in order to achieve consistent quality, reliability in supply (continuity), in the context of environmental sensitivities
    •  Regularly review product’s profile to ensure best possible quality is delivered to the consumer
    •  Develop Internal tea, coffee, and cocoa expertise


Minimising Environmental Impact


  • •  Drawing experience at the origin and at the point of manufacture encourage environmentally friendly, efficient methods of production and waste management
    •  Work with Farmers to encourage environmentally sustainable production, support our partner to strengthen the positive impact they have on the environment, and to use these actions to bolster their livelihoods
    •  Support KAI Coffee efforts to become a zero net carbon emissions company and manage carbon traceability People
    •   Work in partnership with team members to ensure delivery of the business plan




Skills and Knowledge


  • •  Deep understanding of sustainable supply chains including coffee production at origin
    •   Experience of coffee trading and knowledge of the global coffee market
    •  Trained in:
  • – Blend development and management
    – Coffee roasting, commercial scale
    – Quality control and Cupping, Q grader Certification
  • •   Commercial Degree or equivalent e.g.: Masters in Management and Finance, MBA, International Business
    •  Financial Knowledge
  • – Price Risk Management
    – International Business
    – Futures and Options in the commodities market
  • •   Experience working with Smallholder producers, organic production, and Fairtrade, at origin
    •  Project management skills
    •  A working knowledge of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
    •  Intermediate Excel
    •  Fluent written and spoken Spanish

Personal Qualities


  • •  Passion for coffee, tea, and cocoa
    •  Commercially Minded – keen to grow the business (sales, market share, profits)
    •  Ability to deliver innovative, creative solutions
    •  Comfortable operating in a changing world, without clear structures, policies, and procedures
    •  Challenging – of business/partners to secure what we need to deliver
    •  Dynamic – relentless in pursuit of KPI delivery, acting with pace and urgency
    •  Adept working with different people, from other cultures
    •  Trusted. Demonstrates honesty and integrity
    •  Skilled at building and maintaining strong relationships and partnerships
    •  Results-focused – Proactive – Takes the initiative – Doesn’t need ‘managing’
    •  Analytical


We are pleased to welcome you to become our partner with the best deals on income and working conditions. If you are interested in this job, please send us an application letter with any information you would like us to know about you to E-Mail: with the title: Letter of application for the position Procurement Manager. We only contact records that we think are appropriate.


Human resouces department,

KAI Group Corporation.

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