“The coffee tree is an excellent mother”

Sep 23, 2018
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The coffee industry relies on the health of its coffee trees. When the trees thrive, the industry thrives. For they’re the source of the incredible beans we travel the world to find.


That’s why KAI Coffee agronomists like Orlando Mora Alfaro work closely with farmers around the world, providing them the expertise and resources they need to ensure sustainable growth, and help protect the health of their trees against threats like coffee rust.


Through their efforts, they’re helping to safeguard the livelihood of coffee farmers, the quality of the coffee we all love, and the future of the industry.


What is an Agronomist?


Agronomists are experts in soil management and crop production. Through our Farmer Support Centers, KAI Coffee agronomists work with growers around the world to help improve both the quality of their coffees, and the profitability of their farms.


Since I started working as a coffee professional, this has been my crop. This is my field of knowledge, trying to improve coffee. One of the important aspects of the Farmer Support Center is to share our knowledge with the farmers.

-Orlando Mora Alfaro,
KAI Coffee agronomist

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